Less is innovation

Apple engineers coaxed Steve Jobs on impossibility of smart phones without call, cancel, menu, power or music keys. But, Steve was difficult to be convinced by the idea of having multiple keys in a smart phone. The idea felt callous and complicated to him; he was resolute and kept insisting to have only one main (home) key.Shocked engineers wondered on how to create or make something like this. But the engineers ultimately lost to Steve’s dream and dedicated incredible amount of hours, conviction and hard work to convert Steve’s dream into reality.

It is easy to build a phone with multiple keys that do multiple jobs, it was even easier for Steve to just copy. But instead, Steve challenged the conventional wisdom. This is an example of innovation.

Ironically, stripping extras from a product or eliminating extras from your application is not easy. It takes courage, time and loads of thinking to innovate. One, who continuously challenges the conventional wisdom, innovates and succeeds.

What does Microsoft project do? Creates task, allocate resources, budget and do a lot of “other stuff” but does it really do project management. It’s always perceived that tool for project management stands for Microsoft Project , is it? Is there anyone else who challenges the virtue of application being created based on conventional wisdom of project management?

Yes, we do have innovators, 37signals and many other such companies have challenged such conventional wisdom and created innovative apps. The answer to Microsoft project is Basecamp. The answer to search is Google. Almost every application you see is victim of old, sluggish and convention methods.  The gravity of conventional wisdom towards applications and products must be reversed and defied.

The customer needs wonderful, easy, useful and simple applications, lets give them just that.


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