Implementation of plans through governance not corruption

Budget is announced and deception begins from March. Ineffective implementation of plans announced is one of the greatest concerns in this country.

Take for example the current Farmer Debt waiver scheme. A total of 52000 crore was allocated for farmers to reduce the number of suicide deaths.

The implementation agencies and agents responsible allocated worth of Rs 10000 crore to Non Agricultural farmers or the rich ones (Rich becomes richer….)

CAG claims to test around 80 Lakh sample of cases, that translates to 400 CAG officials working round the clock for 6 months. On the contrary I doubt the the sanctity of this activity but never mind.

There is a highest possibility of this 10000 crore being swished back to use for then contested General Election of 2009. I know am little over confident on this statement.

If murder and rape is crime, then what about those 80 Lakh farmers who may be forced to commit suicide under the burden of debt. These culprits must be shot in public place for such crimes and corruption

This year trillions of rupees have been allotted for various purpose especially Agriculture and Education. The two most vulnerable industries targeted for corruption. If there is little shame left, government must heed to people’s demands to bring effective Governance and end this menace of corruption and mental rape of our farmers.


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