Shift handover is bullshit

This was an excellent speech ( by Sir Narendra Modi, The Chief Minister of Gujarat. One of his views that gave me a direct connect to the processes we work on is his philosophy of “transfers”. He said that “in his entire term of 12 years he transferred very few officers within intra departments”. There is a high probability that your problem gets resolved and handled by same officer, even after years.

What does this imply in Incident Management system?

In past, I had done an analysis on ageing of tickets and what I found was majority of tickets failed to meet its TAT due to “multiple hands on one ticket” (Tickets being moved from one person to another in the name of shift handover).

Problem of shift handover

Responsibility – The responsibility of a ticket is passed to someone else and hence the first person bothers less about the ticket since no longer it is his problem.

Accountability – Not only the ticket but accountability of resolution of ticket is too passed to second person.

Time lost between handover – Time is also lost while transferring a ticket from one person to another.

First Time Resolution (FTR) by the ticket owner

A shift may be handed over but a ticket should not. FTR by ticket owner can rescue this situation by putting the onus on the ticket owner; there is no recourse unless the ticket is resolved by the ticket owner. This would lead to better “ticket owner to resolve ratio” thereby eliminating problem of responsibility, accountability and time loss between ticket transfers.

There are unavoidable situations where the ticket requires a transfer, but these unavoidable situations are rare and must be allowed in the rarest situations.


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