Connect to enhance user experience

Often we don’t allow an user to expostulate our design. That extra field does makes them feel bloated but sometimes designer does not pay any heed. Is it lack of some magical connect with user? Surprisingly the answer is yes.

In order to understand user and have a remote connect one must conduct many application tests, have casual chat with users and developers to understand user troubles and issues with the designs.

Recently, I interviewed Sa Trung, designer behind When I tested the application I felt that app was too laconic (which is a great sign) and I wanted to know why, and here is the response of Trung.

“In 8 out of 10 times users are convinced with design changes I make. Somehow within I feel that user would be happy to use my design and when I introduce those extra fields I feel the pain first even before I ask the user just has required fields no more no less right from the sign up page to logout”

Trung has a great connect with his users and he often test 2 or 3 new applications a day and this trait of his user connect is now embedded within him, it is part of him.

Have that connect with user, try and test multiple apps, communicate with users often and embed this wonderful trait to better your designs and user experience.


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