The fall of age old navigation bar

The trend has begun, as I presume, I see more and more web applications where I do not see the age old navigation bar. Or is it that navigation bar has found its new avatar.

Look out for navbar design. The product uses button pills in the navigation area than multiple links, that gives the webpage an unique and modern style.


The navigation bar must be clean and clutter free. Look at this one, a work in progress web app at makers of This is an internal link to create a new project instance. Again a simple nav bar that only does what it is supposed to do. Just three links, one search bar and a settings icon.


Few tips to keep navigation bar simple:

Social bookmarks : Social bookmarks can find its place in the footer instead to keep its place in the navigation bar.

Keep it simple: Use precise and easy to understand words on the navigation bar. Leave out unnecessary words that don’t add anything to the navigation item. For instance instead of “In the News,” consider simply “News.”

When choosing a navigation bar, start simple. Evaluate your content thoroughly and ask yourself what your users need to access quickly. More often than not, a complex navigation system is an indicator to better content planning and organization.

Go for a clutter free navigation bar in this “Less is more” world.

Where else did you see where the navigation bar has found its new avatar?


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