Arvind Kejrival’s stunts. Why resign?

The reason Arvind Kejriwal departed the Lokpal movement for the very own fact that nothing much can be gained from such movements and one has to play inside the political battlefield to earn your objectives and goals. This is the very own reason why AK formed a political party (AAP).

Why resign now from the post earned with hard work and mammoth efforts after entering into politics to achieve the said objectives?

If AK resigns due to only one reason of “not tabling the Lokpal bill”, let me throw some light on it, the bill was not tabled just for the matter of fact that it did not followed the due process to represent a bill in the assembly. Lokpal bill is considered as Financial bill and it has its own caveats that the state government must follow. Also there is already a Lokayukta law in Delhi, maybe not in great condition but yes it is there. So why should there be challenge in strengthening the bill and why such stunts to resign?, will threatening solve the problem?. Anarchy?


I was happy when Arvind repeatedly said he will not take support of either Congress or BJP but shamelessly took the support of Congress and back-stabbed all those voters who either voted for BJP or AAP.

Here is another quote which clearly displays the intentions of AK as well as AAP. All those things that were practical at one point of time is now not practical. Are we practicing trial and error to develop governance?


People say AK was harassed by both Congress and BJP, I dont know how BJP harasses AK but yes congress is not only in center but is also in support with AAP in Delhi and yet AK claims harassment by Congress as well as fails to continue with this government.

On the contrary, there are other states who has passed the Lokayukta acts despite challenges from both “Center” as well as Opposition, for instance Goa, has managed to pass the law without any fuss. Goa is one of the BJP states where despite center pounding pressure on the state the Chief Minister, Manohar Parikkar has managed to overcome these challenges and has managed to run his state well.

A good administrator is one who take these challenges on his soldiers and run the state and not run from them.

If AK implements the dreams shown to the people, that day will definitely be one to cherish and celebrate, but the way these stunts are practiced it makes me believe that this was just one of the characters that once again has ruined our hopes of better governance and corruption free India.

I am sure AAP supporters would disagree considering the fact the shield that media has created and provided to them, but this mask or shield is no longer to stay and truth will prevail.